Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who is Ready for Spring?


Ugh, this cold and snow is starting to get quite old.  This Indiana winter has been one of the worst on record.  Elena and I have been feeling awfully cooped up.  She has had numerous therapy cancellations in the last few weeks.  Which surprisingly, these days make for VERY long and boring days stuck at home.  We're keeping out fingers crossed for an early spring, though it seems awfully far from now!

Luckily, Elena and I will be visiting my parents in a few weeks.  Arizona seems to be just about the only place in the country that has enjoyed 75+ degree, sunny days all winter so perhaps that will perk us up!  Not to mention, there's nothing better than having your Mom give you a little TLC for a few days :).

We are so, so anxious to get into our new house.  Mostly because that's one less thing on my to-do list and I can turn my focus to preparing for Elena's evaluations for SCHOOL....what?!?!  How is my baby getting ready for school???  She'll be entering Zionsville schools developmental preschool in August, but all her evaluations and educational plans have to be done before school is out in May.  I've held off thinking about it until we get into our house.  Then, there's always the fact that I'm having a baby in just a few months....well, I'll try not to get ahead of myself!  I'm just trying to tackle one thing at a time and praying that once summer gets here, we can maybe catch our breath for a few seconds!

Elena has been doing really well.  I started taking her to the chiropractor/massage therapist once a week and it's been pretty remarkable.  She mostly sees the massage therapist for something called myofascial release or what I like to call, voodoo.  While I'm one to be VERY skeptical of most non-medically based treatments, I have to say this one has me a bit more open-minded.  Apparently, MFR is all about releasing the body's repetitive movements as a result of some kind of body trauma.  Whatever the reasoning behind it, Elena seems to be reacting ridiculously well to it.  So hey, we'll take it!

I hope all of you are staying warm and chipper.  It's so easy to be consumed by the winter blues this time of year, especially considering how cold and snowy it's been.  Only one (short!) month left before spring starts making its way here!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

We've Been Busy

All of us that is...well, except for Pete maybe.

As I previously mentioned, we officially put our house up for sale.  All is going well so far, fingers crossed...well, except for that giant snowstorm followed by -40 degree temperatures that we endured days after listing.  We survived, however our dining room ceiling and basement bathroom ceiling did not.  The perils of owning a 75 year old home!  We had some serious ice dams on our house that allowed water to back up inside, causing some minor damage...but water damage is never minor when your house is for sale!  After a few hours of panicking, we got the situation under control and all is well again...whew!  Did I mention we cannot wait to be in our new house?

Speaking of, we are making exciting progress up in Zionsville and hope to be moving in about six weeks.  Cannot wait!

I've been swamped with cleaning this house what seems like every 12 hours for showings, entertaining Elena around the clock, STILL picking out finishes for the new house, and being pregnant.  I can't complain too much about that though, this pregnancy has been much easier than Elena's aside from some aching back muscles and sciatica.  But, I think that has more to do with lugging Elena around than this little guy :)

We are desperate to get back into our routine, as the winter weather gave us another week off of most our therapies.  Things should stabilize this week and we can get back to normal.  While Elena hasn't been busy with therapy, she has been "busy" dancing and listening to her favorite tunes.

Since, I've been lacking on my blogging and left you picture-less last time, I'll load you with videos today.

Here is Elena "dancing" to her very favorite song.  Any time this song comes on, we get this reaction.

Elena loves her music.  Most of all, she loves the ending to songs.  "A Spoon Full of Sugar" from Mary Poppins is the best.  The ending makes her giggle and squirm.  And I love that she loves Julie Andrews :)