Sunday, March 20, 2016

On the Mend

Holy cow.  I literally have been meaning to blog every day for the last two weeks but, oh my goodness, it's been crazy.  We've dealt with three weeks of someone (except Chad, lucky!) being sick in our house.  So ready for warmer weather and to air out our germy house.  We survived most the winter being healthy until the last few weeks so I'm thankful for that.  But Chad has had a crazy work schedule the last few weeks which made things a bit trickier!  Plus, anytime Elena gets sick, it stirs up a host of other issues with her too.  We are ready for spring and good health!

In addition to dealing with sick kids and trying to get myself healthy, I've just had a lot on my mind the last few weeks.  I'm still mourning the loss of my sweet Granny.  It seems like every day it gets a little more real.  Little memories and things she used to say always seem to pop into my head throughout the day.  I was thinking about her at church this morning, so thankful for her life and all that she instilled in me.  At her funeral, her best friend's son made a point to tell me that she had mailed to him my November 3rd post, Dear Melissa, this fall and it had made such an impact on him.  He told me he shared it with his Sunday School class.  I was thinking this morning about how special that was to me.  I appreciate knowing that she was proud of me and my writing and, as usual, was doing her part to share the message of God's love and power with people she loved.  This morning, I wished I could thank her for that.

Spring also brings with it quite a bit of planning for summer and fall schedules.  I'm a planner.  I thrive on knowing what to expect and how I'm going to make it all happen.  This spring, there are quite a bit of things up in the air, which gave me loads of panic and anxiety for about a month.  And while, I'm still anxious to get things on calendars and plan, plan, plan, I know that the next several months are going to take a lot of trust and faith.  So far, I've been pretty proud of myself for letting most of it go.  I've had my moments, but for the most part, I'm praying that everything will work accordingly and just let it fall into place.  I mean, I know that my plans are definitely not HIS plans so taking my white knuckles off the wheel really seems to be the only option at this point.  I'm excited to share with you God's handiwork when a little bit more is worked out!

Fittingly, our sermon this morning was on anxiety and worry.  Just a confirmation to me, that letting go of the worry IS the only option.

Elena's spring break is next week, too, which has us all looking forward to catching our breath for a week before it all picks back up again.  Though I wouldn't mind jetting off for a week at the beach, I really am looking forward to a slower pace and actually getting to do "fun" things instead of all therapy, all the time.

And just because our family is still relishing in the afterglow of victory from last night's defeat of Kentucky to send the Hoosiers to the Sweet 16, Gooooooooo HOOSIERS!