Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Walking For Dreams 2017

It's once again Walking for Dreams fundraising time for the Jackson Center.  We have be excited to raise money for this special place and for Elena's continued therapy over the past several years in 2016, 2015,  and 2014 .

Elena began therapy at the Jackson Center in August 2013.  We were still learning about her recovery and what would lie ahead.  This place came into our lives at just the right time.  It has supported us and pushed Elena to achieve more than we thought might be possible.  If you have followed my blog for awhile, you'll know how much the Jackson Center has meant to us.  And so many of you have been so generous and supportive.  When I think about all the the Jackson Center has done for our family over the years, the one thing that truly stands out to me is that:

They truly believe in the ABILITIES of every single child that walks through their doors.  Every child is pushed to achieve.  Every child is loved for exactly who they are.

I can't tell you how much this means.  We found the Jackson Center at a time where we had no idea what Elena what going to be able to achieve, or what she was capable of.  They welcomed us in, and we watched as our little girl began to thrive and has continued to excel over the past nearly four years.

They say it takes a village.  And in our case in takes a booming metropolis!  We wouldn't be where we are, Elena wouldn't be where she is, without all of you supporting us, loving us, praying for us.  And we couldn't have done it without our dear friends at the Jackson Center.

100% of your donation, no matter big or small, goes to help fund the incredible therapy Elena receives on a weekly basis.  There are two ways to donate:

  • Donate online at www.walkingfordreams.org  
    • Fill out the form.  Select "Individual Walker," then under "Walker" choose "Hinton, Elena."

  • You may mail a check to the Jackson Center  – Walking for Dreams.
    • Please be sure to include Elena's name in the memo line if you mail a check.  (802 Samuel Moore Pkwy., Mooresville, IN 46158)

Thank you, always, for your love and support of our family, and our sweet Elena.  

To read more about the Jackson Center and see pictures of Elena and her buddies, go to www.thejacksoncenter.org

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