Thursday, April 10, 2014

Walking for Dreams

Walking for Dreams is a wonderful organization that helps small Indianapolis non-profit organizations raise money.  Our family is currently raising money for the Jackson Center through Walking for Dreams.  And since I happen to have a few readers, I thought why not solicit all of you!  :)  Below is our letter.  Whether you feel compelled to give to the Jackson Center or not, we CHERISH your love, prayers and support.  These are what truly get our family through each day!  But, the Jackson Center holds a very dear place in our hearts and helps kids like Elena achieve every single day.

Elena sitting at the ladder back

As many of you know, our sweet Elena began a rigorous therapy program last August at a place called the Jackson Center in Mooresville, Indiana.  From the very beginning, we were not only amazed at the accomplishments Elena quickly achieved, but also the community of families we entered into.  We instantly became part of a larger family of people who understand.  They understand our struggles, our joys, our hopes and our dreams for our children. It is because of this that our family is asking your help to raise money through Walking for Dreams, benefitting this enormous blessing in our life, the Jackson Center for Conductive Education.  

The Jackson Center practices a therapy called conductive education to help children and adults with motor disorders develop motor skills through repetition, peer interaction and positive reinforcement.  Its goal is to help each participant achieve the highest quality of independent life. For our family, it means so much more. We are grateful to have this resource; as the Jackson Center is the only program offering this method of therapy in Indiana.

Walking for Dreams is an annual family and pet walk that benefits both the Jackson Center and Elena directly.  If you would like to support the Jackson Center, you may donate to our team via the following: 

Donate online at  Click on "Donate," Select "Individual Walker," then choose "Hinton, Elena.”

You may mail a check to the Jackson Center  – Walking for Dreams. 
Please be sure to include Elena's name in the memo line if you mail a check. 
Call the Jackson Center directly at 317-834-0200. 

Your gift, no matter what the amount, will help us achieve our goal.  More than that, it will give Elena and all of her friends at the Jackson Center a greater chance at independence.   

Love, Chad, Emmalee & Elena Hinton

If you would like to donate to the Jackson Center on Elena's behalf, you can use one of the methods above.  The easiest is to click HERE and where it says "Credit my donation to", select "Individual Walker" and a bar will appear with a list of individual names, scroll down and select "Hinton, Elena".  If you have any questions, feel free to call the Jackson Center at the number above or send me an email.  Let's raise some money for an organization that literally changes lives!

Elena walking to the lunchroom!

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